Cloudy after low chlorine

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Cloudy after low chlorine

Postby jpk1a873 » Thu 14 Jul, 2005 11:55

We have a inground 18x36. 29000 Gallons.
So far water has been perfect..
Until I had to go out of town for a couple days. Wife forgot to check Chlorinator.
I checked it and it was empty..
Very low Chlorine levels.. PH in good area.
I filled Chlorinator, added some Shock to try to help build Chlorine levels up.
Now it is very cloudy.. mainly in Deep end..
Pool filter runs for about 7 Hours per day.
Please help..

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Postby sheila » Sat 16 Jul, 2005 12:36

You need to use a clarifier. It drops all the dead organic junk that is floating to the floor and you vaccum it out. vaccum to waste is better. I had to do it 2 times but I started out with green water. To keep it blue We have to do it once a week no matter what, our pool produces algae. also once a week we use algaecide to prevent it. I swear my nature 2 helps. who really knows?? good luck!!

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