high chlorine and murkey water and green water comes out jet

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high chlorine and murkey water and green water comes out jet

Postby Kasey » Thu 14 Jul, 2005 22:51

my pool is a year old and as soon as I think I have it I loose it the water is murkey green I shock once a week and my chorine stays high like 11.0 and I cant seem to win and I have this greenish brown trash patchs all over the bottom that sweeps off very easy and then after I back wash it blows dirty water back out my jets.....I need help

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Postby sheila » Sat 16 Jul, 2005 12:45

Kasey you need to read what I did in algae. It worked for me. I never thought my green pool would be crystal clear blue!! you need to vaccum to waste. Instead of it going through the filter which gets some of it, and shoots the rest back in..suck it right out! I do this once a week to help prevent algae. my pool is a algae producer!! I slacked for 1 day and I saw a little. have a question email me! sheila

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