Fungus (?) under the liner

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Ben Wiggins

Fungus (?) under the liner

Postby Ben Wiggins » Fri 15 Jul, 2005 11:49

When I opened my pool this spring, my liner (1 year old) had stains (?) over 60% of the bottom and sloped sides. I have tried treating the water with everything known to man, but no help. My pool was flooded with salt water in 2003 by hurricane Isabel, which required the new liner. Is there any way I can get rid of the mold/fungus under the liner (and the resulting stains) without replacing my liner again?

Pool Helper

Liner algea stains

Postby Pool Helper » Sat 14 Jan, 2006 16:06

Often stains that you see on the liner are stains or algae growing under the liner. The algea can be killed by spreading ferrous oxide to the ground around the pool. Either you water it in or the rain then washes it under the liner where it can kill the algae growth.

It can take weeks or months to work and may need repeat applications. Ideally the ground and surfaces should be chemically treated before laying the liner.
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I'm new here
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Where do I find this?

Postby PieSees » Fri 17 Mar, 2006 21:42

I am having the same problem! Where and in what form do I buy ferrous oxide? Is there a name brand of product that I should look for?

Maybe I should just round up all of the rusty things around my place and put them by the pool. :x

This is indeed an aggravating problem. Thanks for any help.
Pool Help

Pool algea stains

Postby Pool Help » Sat 18 Mar, 2006 15:10

Perhaps if you let us know where you live someone will be able to help you.

I believe it is available at nurseries and plant places. It may be sold as "Copperous iron sulfate", "Copperas", "Cupric Iron Sulfate" or "Cupric Ferrous Sulfate" and is used to kill garden fungus. I've also been told that iron sulfate and copper sulfate will work when used together.

Never had the need to use it myself so I'm just passing on what I've heard.

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