yellowish green water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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yellowish green water

Postby annmichelle71 » Fri 15 Jul, 2005 14:28

I know nothing about pools, but my mother in law has a pool and she has been having problems (my father in law passed away and he was the primary pool guy). Here's the deal: People swam in pool with clothes on ( I add this because my mother in law thinks this was the trigger???), next day green pool, shock, filter, nothing. She took water to pool place (which she is not that happy with, but small area) they say metal in pool, tell her to put in metal out, shock, filter, etc. Sometimes she is confussing so I am not sure what all she has put in or done. We thought algea, but been doing some research and the water looks more yellow green, very cloudy, very cloudy, no green on sides or around pool and the water in the skimmer is crystal clear, humph? Bought test kit, here are readings from that:
CL 5.0, BR 11.0, Ph 7.8, Alkalinity 150, CC 00. I think I did all this correctly. Oh pool is a 25,000 gallon, in ground, cement, older (15 or so years)pool, and metal pipes were put in last year. There was a rust like stain on the filter part when we took it out last night after doing tests. It is a sand system also. Hope anyone can help. Hope I have given enough detail. Thanks.

Algea Guy

Cloudy green pool water

Postby Algea Guy » Wed 18 Jan, 2006 08:29

Did you check the conditioner level?

Conditioner/ stabilizer/ cyanuric acid/ CYA, if over 80ppm, can make the free chlorine inactive and result in cloudy water despite high chlorine readings.

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