Fiberglass or gunite???

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Fiberglass or gunite?

Postby Guest » Mon 27 Feb, 2006 17:11

the warranty on the fiberglass is the life normally 5 years of the gel cote at least from my suppliers here in florida and gel cote will oxadize just like a boat or any thing else that sets in the water gets chemicals on it chlorine bleach acid ect so thats another thought that you may wanna take into concideration if you have a gunnite/shotcrete pool put in and have clay or anything like that in the ground or just want to be sure have them put a well point in they can suck any water that may pop the pool up out of the groung marcite or pool plaster usually lasts ten or more years before it as to be replaced have the water that goes to the pool go through a softner system and pool surface can and will last longetr further more pool plaster is a aggrate like concrete so it is gonna last

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Fiberglass or gunite?

Postby Pool user » Tue 15 Aug, 2006 20:36

I've had two concrete pools. I'm really, really tired of the maintenance and expense. Time and effort increase dramatically as the pool gets older.

My plan is to go with a fiberglass pool and a salt water chlorine generator.

I'm getting to the point where I want easy maintenance and from everything I've read modern fiberglass is the way to go.

These guys who say gunite is the only way to go must be pool builders!

Fiberglass cs Gunite

Postby Retiredpoolinstaller » Fri 16 May, 2008 17:36

I have retired from the pool business. Over the years, I have installed hundreds if not thousands of pools. I have installed Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass wall with concrete bottom. As a pool owner, I have had Gunite and Fiberglass.

I installed my first fiberglass pool in 1999 and have never installed anything else since then. They are very easy to maintain, last forever and if in fact you damage it, repair is extremely easy. Just like a boat gelcoat repair. As for chemicals, all the chemicals used in pools are stored in fiberglass tanks because they do not damage fiberglass. If I had to make a list of the repairs that I have made on pools, after installation, I would say that I have made between 10 and 15 repairs on other types for every repair I've made on Fiberglass. I have NEVER seen a structural failure on a fiberglass pool anywhere.

All that being said, every family, in every situation needs to pick their pool based on their needs and in fact I will say Gunite, fiberglass and Vinyl liner pools are all good pools if installed and cared for properly.
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fiberglass v gunite

Postby watertite pool repair » Tue 20 May, 2008 06:24

I have been in the pool racket for eight years and fiberglass for twenty.

some of the above comments are right on but some are absurd. i have

fixed alot of pools mainly fiberglass because thats the business I am in.

I have seen about every disaster out there from manufacture ill work to a

contractor who just came from installing septic systems to home

owners who did'nt bother to get the what if information. the gentleman

who thinks he's not bias is. todays fiberglass pools cannot be

compared to those of the past because of the technological advances in

the construction materials and the fact that you have to maintain a high

level of quality to stay in the business as for concrete i dont really know

how far it has advanced in the past twenty years. Yes it can be

expensive to repair fiberglass but you can, concrete not so much you

replace. Also the fiberglass does come as large as 16x42 and every

manufacture has one. Do'nt lose your ass get a fiberglass.
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Postby Duffy Pools » Fri 30 May, 2008 22:28

I would go with a liner pool. End of story. Period no argument.
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Fiberglass or gunite?

Postby Duffy Pools » Fri 30 May, 2008 22:40

I would not ever think of installing a fiberglass shell Pool in New England or any place that has winters.

The best pool ever built was a 10 inch reinforced wall foundation with a sand based bottom and 18 gauge liner. Best deal in the long run for your money.

If you get sick of the pool you can build a house on it. Basement included!
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I'm new here
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Definitely Fibreglass...

Postby jooste » Mon 14 Jul, 2008 16:20

Why a fibreglass swimming pool?

- quick and easy to install
- can last a lifetime and are guaranteed for 10 years
- require less chemicals than concrete pools
- quick and easy to maintain
- non-slip finish
- surprising strength
- no mosaic tiles needed as there is a built in tile band

Click here for a comparison on:
Fibreglass, Concrete and Vinyl Liner Pools.

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Fiberglass or gunite?

Postby Guest » Wed 24 Sep, 2008 11:19

We had a sanjuan fiberglass pool installed in 1994. It is 42x16. We live in a harsh environment - Salt Lake City, and the pool has been fabulous these past 15 years! We swim nearly every day May-October. There have been NO issues whatsoever with our pool. It is soft and comfortable, easy to clean and uses very little chemicals. We keep it heated at 89-90 degrees. No acid washing, no scratched up feet. My only regret is that due to transport, the widest fiberglass pools are just 16 feet. With our diving board, I wish the pool was 20x40.
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Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby Pool Dreamer » Wed 03 Jun, 2009 13:54

Great feedback on the different options. I live in Salt Lake City as well and would be interested to know who installed your San Juan Pool.
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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby czechmate » Thu 04 Jun, 2009 07:54

There is lot of information here ranging from heavy bias across sales pithes to flat wrong and misleading.
First of all, properly designed and built gunite will not break. Pear shape with extra 5/8" rebar on bottom may settle 1/2 -5/8" in the deep in a Texas black clay, while "L" shape may crack due to extreme difference in weights in shallow and deep. People have of the wall ideas on the freeform and builders protected by the ground settlement clause will built anything to get the job.
Second myth presented here by the fiber lovers is, that plaster need to be replaced every 6 years.
That is unsuported flat lie from a very irresponsible layman.
I just replastered my gunite first time after 25 years of perfect service with a Diamond Brite.
It is not unusual for plaster to last 30-35 years. The new aggregates like a Diamond Brite applied to a fresh new gunite and maintained properly should last 25-30 years easy. It's surface is much harder and chemical and algeae resistant than anything that existed prior to 1990.
As for comparing the cost,feel, looks and maintenance, I will not go into that.
It is senseless to recommend BMW X5 for its handling and looks, to someone that has only enough for a Saturn VUE and must have all maintenance done by a dealer.
All I can say is, that years ago, when buying a house I turned down a gorgeous house with a fiberglass pool for a one where I designed and built gunite pool myself.
Of course as a construction guy, I did the contracting an saved about 30%, plus equipment at wholesale.
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Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby No Gunite » Thu 04 Jun, 2009 09:37

I have had a gunite pool for 10 years. It looked good for the first 2. The staining over the winter is brutal and no amount of brushing/shocking will get it out. The plaster is no longer smooth like it was originally. Kids that stay in the pool for a while end up with sore feet/blisters. Granted, our pool is fairly large, but I was given a quote of $10,000 for a resurface/replaster. We just opened the pool and I have been brushing it daily for a week now trying to get the algae and stains out. My arms are killing me. Even though the pool is attractive, I would never go with gunite again. I don't know anything about fiberglass, but vinyl is looking better and better to me over the years.

Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby tylertx » Mon 24 Aug, 2009 10:51

I have just had a fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge put in, in the Shreveport, Louisiana area by a man who has no clue what he is doing! Our tanning ledge is 2 inches off level, we have grass growing inside of it, you can actually stick your fingers all the way thru the concrete and the lip of tanning ledge and the pool!! He also put wooden stakes on outside of tanning ledge for the formation and now they are stuck in the concrete! It also has ridges and even a place where the finish has come off about a quarter size. It is the biggest mess, and looks like white trash. I would NEVER go fiberglass again!! You have to really make sure that the company knows what they are doing, because if it isn't done right in the beginning you can have problems with it in the first week or up to 10 years later. My Dad built his own pool and it has lasted forever. You never know with the fiberglass. If I could just go back in time I would go gunite or vinyl liner in a heartbeat with a reputable company instead of a company who didn't even train their distribitor who represents their company to put in their pools in the right way.
Swimming Pool Superstar
Swimming Pool Superstar
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My Pool: 16 x 32 gunite21000 gal., Diamond Brite Blue, Swimquip XL pump, DE36
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Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby czechmate » Mon 24 Aug, 2009 15:55

I hope it is not out of place or even rude to remaind everyone here, that we live in the era of "information superhighway". Anyone who can reach these pages can gain the information on the proper procedure on any application of a particular surface and find a reputable contractor.
That being said, people should always get two, three opinions on the same subject, since as we all know there is a lot of "willing experts" giving out wrong or bias opinions.
Then there are those, who will tell you anything just to get the job secured.
One more thing of caution.
Even the reputable company may in time of high work load hire or borrow a crew from someone else.
You always need to be either present yourself, provided you have the necessary knowledge of a correct procedure, or get friends help who has it.
Just recently it happend to me with a crew ,that showed up for an acid wash and Bond Kote application.
They showed up late, did not have anything on the truck to neutralize acid with, like Soda Ash and did not even have the Bon Kote bags and resin in containers.
I send them home after a acid wash and had to pressure wash the walls to get the acid residue of the plaster. Fortunately I knew the recommended procedure in a great detail.

The thing here is that if no one is present at preparation or "prep" which is a very important foundation for a replaster, the results down the road may be terrible. Those of course usually show up after the warranty expired.
After all, new pool construction or remodel is not like picking a house painter or a roofer.

Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby szzyq16 » Mon 21 Sep, 2009 16:47

OMG!! I'm sitting here reading how everyone promotes fiberglass pools. I have one - 6 yrs old- and I would give my eye teeth to get rid of it. I can NEVER get it clean. I go in almost every day (live in FL) and clean it every time I go in, but it just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. I have tried all the chemicals out there and nothing seems to work. Maybe someone out there can help me? My pool chemical distributor sure hasn't been able to. Please help if you can.

Fiberglass or gunite???

Postby rrr » Sat 26 Sep, 2009 20:52

Live in San Antonio and just recently inquired about Leisure Pools. OMG, has the fiberglass industry out priced gunite now a days???? Have taken recent quotes from gunite companies and Leisure Pools came out with a 20,000 price more than a gunite and then spoke of knocking off 14,000 due to production discount. Is there such a thing or am i getting ripped off.??

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