going from Baquacil to clorine

Baquacil, SoftSwim, Revacil, Splashes, Poly Clear. Using these
non-chlorine products and converting from biguanides back to chlorine.

going from Baquacil to clorine

Postby louie.aviles » Sat 16 Jul, 2005 10:14

I have been useing baquacil in my pool for 3 year, and this year when i uncovered my pool it was cloudy, I tried everything to clear it up, but nothing worked, so I decided to go to clorine. Well I started by waiting and getting rid of the baquacil, and then starting with 5 lbs of no-clorinated shock, it turned the water green, but it cleared, I also ran the filter for 24hours, then I put 2 lbs of turbo stock. and kept running the filter overnight, now the water is a brownish yellow. When I took a sample in to have it tested, they told me, it tested with too much clorine, and that me water should be clear, what can I do?

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