Not Enough Pressure?

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Not Enough Pressure?

Postby Philip » Mon 18 Jul, 2005 13:26


I have a hayward setup. It uses a sand filter and a 1 hp superpump. I also have a heater. The heater reads PLT (which I'm guessing means pilot) and then 'service' blinks. Someone told me that this is because there isn't enough pressure to get the heater running. Also, if you look at the basket on the pump, there's bubbles and I don't think its 100% full. The jets shoot out bubbles as well and kinda of make a bubbling noise. This was after we switched pumps, and filters. We used to have a sta-right pump and paper filter. The filter was cracked so we switched that and the pump was very loud and we were told to switch that also.

We just bought this house and the reason the filter was cracked was because the pool was never winterized. Luckily there are no cracks in the plumbing. Any help is appreciated.


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Not Enough Pressure?

Postby Gov » Thu 21 Jul, 2005 19:36

You need to prime your pump.
You are sucking air.
Also bleed the air out of your filter, this should fix your pressure problem.


Postby Cyber36 » Fri 22 Jul, 2005 12:48

Also try replacing your O-Ring around the bottom of the strainer basket cover. Bubbles definetly mean air, so without any leaks it's probably entering there......

Postby Guest » Sat 23 Jul, 2005 15:24

Thanks guys. I'll try priming it.

I'll go pick up a new ring aswell, that's what I read on the Hayward site.

About bleeding the air out of the filter, how do I do that? My sand filter doesn't have an air release valve anywhere I'm looking...

Thanks again for the help!

Postby Philip » Sat 23 Jul, 2005 16:21

Ok, priming it didn't work, still gets bubbles. It's probably the O-Ring then because when we had the filter with the sta-rite pump, it didn't bubble. It could be the new piping to the pump since we had to redo some of that, but there is no water leaking anywhere on the new piping... Could it be the o-ring?

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