wrinkles in my pool wall

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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wrinkles in my pool wall

Postby DONOVAN » Mon 18 Jul, 2005 14:50

Please help!

Today i noticed for the first time a long wrinkle about 5 feet in my pool liner along the pool wall. I called the pool installer and they said I haven't kept up with the maintainance. They claimed that that if the proper chemicals are not added(other than chlorine) that it can wrinkle your liner. They said that the liner has shrunk due to the lack of additives, much like the skin on your fingers do when in water for a long time.

Firstly, is this true, and more importantly can I and how do I remove the large wrinkle! The liner and pool are only 2 yrs. old.

Thank-you!! )


pool wirnkles

Postby jo » Wed 03 Aug, 2005 21:58

Hi donovan. I am experiencing the same problem.with my inground pool The liner is ripplieng in about 20 areas along the slope and bottom. I am going to contact my pool company and see what they reccomend. I have an auto clhlorinator but add nothing else. if they come up with a better solution I will pass it on;. As far as I am concerned its a defective liner.


P.S The pool is ply 2 yrs old

Liner wrinkled when I opened pool in spring

Postby Jim » Mon 10 Apr, 2006 06:26

When I opened my new 18x36 inground pool this spring I noticed that the liner is wrinkled badly throughout the bottom. My ground is primarily clay and we have had a considerable amount of rain. From reading the message board here it appears that these wrinkles may be a result of high ground water. Can I expect the wrinkles to go away as the gorund dries out? Is there any chance that the concrete like mix that is used to build the pool floor could be damaged/cracked by excessive gound water? I have not contacted my pool installer yet...his typical response is "they all do that, don't worry about it"

Wrinkled liner problem

Postby Pooll » Mon 10 Apr, 2006 15:25

Jim, it is highly unlikely that the concrete was damaged by groud water. The water may have pushed up under the liner, but would not crack the concrete.

If the wrinkles don't start going away as the groud dries out, the reason for the wrinkles will need to be determined, but it is most likely water under the liner.

Wrinkles under liner

Postby Jim » Tue 11 Apr, 2006 06:11

Thank-you. I sure hope it is just ground water and they go away. Would hate to think that draining is the solution...can probably expect this every spring. Thanks again. I'll post back in a few weeks when things dry here in Michigan

Wrinkly liner

Postby Pooll » Tue 11 Apr, 2006 14:28

I'm holding thumbs for you Jim. Draining the pool is such a pain in the b#*!
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby jwgraves » Thu 13 Apr, 2006 11:51

I've had the same problem with my inground pool for years.....it happens when the water table rises causing the liner to "float" and when it resettles it does not lay properly and is wrinkled.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it except to drain the pool and reset the liner.

It's happened to mine so often, I've now resorted to just leaving it with the wrinkles.

Water under pool liner

Postby Janice » Mon 17 Sep, 2007 10:54

I have problems with my pool getting rain water under the liner as well causing the wrinkles and the liner to come off track. To get rid of the wrinkles I vacuum the water out from under the liner which gets rid of the wrinkles. Doesn't help with the track problem though and I'm dealing with that problem. My back yard does hold water so I had some drainage work done trying to get rid of lots of the water but it didn't do the trick either. I think I'll have to be living with the water getting under the liner, vacuuming out as much as I can and as far as the track problems I may have to live with that as well. I do plan on getting a track lock installed but the way the pool professionals told me they would do that is get this to put water under the liner to float it up. Not sure if I like that being I'm working hard to get and keep the water out from under the liner. Anyway, hope this helps.
chris and carolyn

wrinkles under liner

Postby chris and carolyn » Tue 27 Nov, 2007 21:33

regarding the issue with wrinkles, i have a 8 month old inground 16x36 pool with a liner. we have red clay for dirt. after a long rainfall, i noticed what looked like "wrinkles" under the liner. after getting in the water i found that it was the concrete under the liner had cracked. Called pool company, they drained pool, removed liner and filled in cracks. 2 months later a heavy rain came and so did the crack. In the same spot, deep end around the main drain. i would like to know what is causing this. Did they "overdig" and its settling or is the pool light leaking or main drain leaking

water under liner

Postby lovemaui » Wed 06 Feb, 2008 15:52

The water is coming under our liner where the steps and the liner meets. We have had so much water that the entire liner floated and then developed into over 20 wrinkles. We had to leave the pool drained for three days in 80 degree sun to shrink it and then refil. It worked. We sealed all of our concrete, resurfaced it, and buried our downspouts to go our and away from the pool and concrete. With the first rain, water came in under the liner by way of the bottom of the steps. The installer says our water table is high. 3 1/2'! Our sump pump in our basement doesn't run all the time and our lot is sloped away from the house. The ground is clay however; we are the only pool out of 7 in our neighborhood with this problem. Does anyone have any answers or suggestions for us. Right now the liner is floating. Other than taking out the liner and redoing the step area, I do not know what to do.

Postby bjgrmh » Wed 27 Aug, 2008 12:44

I am having the same trouble with groundwater. I have about 20 wrinkles in my liner as well. I have a pump I run to get the water out but the water never stops coming out. I ran for 5 hours last weekend. My pool is two years old and I am having a difficult time getting the pool people out to check this. Will the wrinkles ever go away? Will I have to drain the pool? Put in a new liner? Very disgusted at this point. Seems to me someone should be able to give an explanation and solution for this problem for the future.

liner pulling away

Postby JoeC » Sun 07 Sep, 2008 09:44


I just noticed last night during the remnants of tropical storm Hanna here in ct. that I've got spots in the low end of my 20x40 inground pool where the liner seems to be pulling away from the bottom in spots. I was hoping that it is due to heavy groundwater, and that seems to be what some of you think. I'm going to keep a close eye on it as things dry out here, and I sure hope thats what it turns out to be. I'll let you all know if things get back to normal. BTW my pool is in its 2nd year, so I would be shocked if it is a malfunction.

What did we do???

Postby tj » Mon 22 Sep, 2008 21:37

When our salt water pool was closed last year it was fine when it was opened in the spring the liner at the water line bleached out and many wrinkles appeared. Can someone tell me what may have happened?

Wrinkles in my pool wall

Postby Guest » Fri 13 Mar, 2009 02:40

DONOVAN wrote:I called the pool installer and they said I haven't kept up with the maintainance. They claimed that that if the proper chemicals are not added(other than chlorine) that it can wrinkle your liner. They said that the liner has shrunk due to the lack of additives, much like the skin on your fingers do when in water for a long time.

:lol: Yeah yeah :lol:

A rubberized 100% synthetic liner is not waterproof and shrunk in the wash!! :?:
I think the installer is a cowboy!

Call the manufacturer and go through them to get the terms your warranty fulfilled. :eh:

wrinkles in my pool wall

Postby CannCore » Tue 25 May, 2010 11:46

We just purchased a house with an inground pool. Once we opened the winterized tarp, We noticed a lot of wrinkles. I called many pool companies and they said we had ground water under pool liner. All companies suggested me to fill the pool up and the ground water usually goes away. Hopefully this works!! Will let you all know the out come.

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