low level of chlorine , please help

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low level of chlorine , please help

Postby pascal » Sun 10 Sep, 2006 15:05

I have a fiber glass pool and an electronic salt enerator (aqua rite goldline)

My level of the chlorine is always low my generator indicate 100 % , and i have May be 1 maximun in the afternoon , in the morning almost nothing, I test the water everything is perfect, no phosphate, no algies.ph 7.1

Last week I remove the staining with the (Stain Free), and now it is perfect, I tryed to shock the water with 2 pound of powder of chlorine , it was O.K. for 1 day only.
Is my turbo cell killed ?

What should I have to do ?



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Postby PoolGuy » Tue 12 Sep, 2006 00:24

what is the ppm of all readdings from your pool. send to [email protected]
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