Liner issues and problems installing or
maintaining above ground swimming pools.


Postby jmo » Wed 23 Mar, 2005 02:32

what is the easiest way to level the ground for an above ground pool installation?


Pool installation

Postby Pete » Wed 23 Mar, 2005 10:10

I have always used a shovel

Postby Guest » Wed 04 May, 2005 23:12

i havent leveled mine yet but im going to use a long 2by 4 to skreet it good luck

Postby Guest » Wed 18 May, 2005 13:34

depends on the size of the pool. I just bought an 18x33 oval and will get pros to do everything. on the 33ft linear, it can only be off about 1 inch, so the guy doing mine will use a bobcat, and transit level to shoot it. DONT think it is level if it's not, and DONT backfill UNLESS you have time for area to settle, will compact the hell out of it and use a portland cement
to help level/harden foundation. If it's a small round pool, you can be off a little more. The rule is always dig down to level, NEVER build up. I'd pay to get someone that installs above ground pools to level area, definitely better than a tearing down and reinstalling pool (or having it collapse!)

Postby colin » Tue 18 Apr, 2006 18:48

straight board, level, string and line level. Tons of patience
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Postby hrsdennis » Tue 18 Apr, 2006 20:25

Hi, I would spend a few dollars and rent a transit. Once the pool area is level take the time and level each individual foot plate.

That is the best way to make a pool level.

Best of luck, Dennis
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