sand in bottom of pool

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sand in bottom of pool

Postby Guest » Tue 19 Jul, 2005 10:07

We finally got the pool clear and balanced and had been enjoying it for weeks now. Yesterday it looked like there was sand on the bottom of the floor. I vacuumed and used one of those socks to catch anything small. I also noticed the water shooting from the jet looked cloudy for a little bit. Today it appears there is sand again and the water isn't as clear. The sand was changed last year and I cleaned it a few weeks ago. Also, for some reason, I noticed a black film on top of the water in the skimmer basket. I have no clue what that would be.


Postby Doubled1 » Tue 19 Jul, 2005 15:26

Dead algae will resemble the look of sand.Vacum to either drain or waste so it does not return to pool.The black is residue of suntan lotions etc.Wipe off then wet cloth with Hertel Plus or vinyl liner cleaner and wipe clean.

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