Cholrine and Plants

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Cholrine and Plants

Postby Wil » Sun 17 Sep, 2006 18:29

My neighbors have a pool...and I noticed that my plants tha are located in the "pool dranin run off" die or do not could this be?


Maybe he use extra chlorine

Postby GBUser » Tue 14 Nov, 2006 22:21

chlorine is a biocide, so plants were killed by over-high free chlorine in the water.


Postby Guest » Thu 14 Jan, 2010 02:54

Yup, cholrine kills off plants and lawn. I used to run the backwash water over the grass to give the garden a 'drink' but ended up with yellow, patchy lawn.

I put in a holding tank for backwash water and now I use the water for the garden after letting it sit for a few days.

Cholrine and Plants

Postby David3357 » Fri 15 Jan, 2010 00:32

If the water contains any sort of algaecide, that will also kill plants. Copper is especially harmful.
Has the neighbor's pool been green lately?

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