pool shocking people?

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pool shocking people?

Postby makay » Thu 21 Jul, 2005 15:32

We have set up a easy set pool(10ft) in our yard on a green tarp.When anyone stands on the outside of the pool and just touches the top of the water they get a shock/charge.Its atleast 15ft from anything with electrical power,shed,etc.Is it normal to get a static type shock or is this a bigger problem?thanks[/b]


Postby Guest » Wed 17 Aug, 2005 16:45

What about your pump? Sounds like a wiring problem with the pump.
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Postby vaughanwilliams » Wed 17 Aug, 2005 23:42

Don't mess around, get a registered electrician in asap.
In the mean time keep everyone away.

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Postby allison » Tue 07 Mar, 2006 09:38

we had one of those pools before we ended the chaos and got an inground pool (which is still chaotic.. read my discussion :P ).... you must have your filter plugged in when this is happening. It never happened to us, but you say there is atleast 15ft of space between the pool and electricity. What about the power cord? could have a nick in it, or be cut.

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