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leaking pool

Postby keithp » Wed 20 Sep, 2006 19:33

My pool water level keeps going down on my inground pool I keep having to add water every few days it is inground and has a vinyl liner I don't see any tears in the liner where would the water be going it was fine when we opened the pool in april

diane mcgill

loosing pool water

Postby diane mcgill » Wed 27 Sep, 2006 12:12

i had the same problem- i thought that the gasket to the sand filter looked worn so it ws replaced- this is the gasket which sits under the handle to the sand filter. after i did this i still had some water leaking- it turns out that if that is the case the gasket needs to be glued with crazy glue in its place- you need to thuroughly dry out the inside of the area- i used a hair dryer to make sure it was not wet- used the glue on the underside of the new gasket and put it in place- then wait 2 hours and then replace the handle to the filter and put the pump back on. this solved my problem hope it helps out.

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