no circulation from pump

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no circulation from pump

Postby thedreemer » Wed 20 Sep, 2006 21:00

hi folks i hope you can help--i moved into my new (older house) and the pool was beautiful--it stayed that way for several weeks --on 1 sunday i did my cleaning/checking the water balance and everything was perfect-on tuesday i started getting alge-i shocked and used algeside-well id t would kill the alge and then it would be back the next day--same routine for the entire week--no i have killed all of the alge but i cannot get enough circulation from my pump to vacuum it up--the sand in the filter is new-i took apart the pump and checked the impeller all is well--i took apart all of the valves and they are clean and clear--i have backwashed the system 20 times--primed the pump many times--still no pressure-hen i back wash i get a little more than a trickle from the waste pipe-same with rinxe and waste settings-all of the strainer baskets are clean too--any ideas?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby drfinale » Thu 21 Sep, 2006 19:17

Sounds like you have either a leak or a clog somewhere between the pool and the pump. Is your pool above or below ground?
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reply for no circulation problem

Postby lawrencefwalker » Fri 22 Sep, 2006 20:16

here is the comments i made in a reply email to a hopefully friend i met through this forum--hi dan==update #1 ==the tightrning of the lid helped-but was not the cure--thanks to your process of elemination-i found that my impeller was indeed clocked==i sure did not look that way-but when i took my air compressor and blasted air through it all kinda-stuff was flying out--wow who knew--now i have pressure pressure pressure--thank you so much for taking the time to help---now i am concidering converting to a salt based clorine systen--clorine generator---its about 1000.00 --whats your openion on those?--his orig email to me --
Good Morning Lawrence,
We need to decide where the problem is. The way we do that is the following:
Put the handle of your sand filter valve on "recirculate position" This will take the filter out of the loop. The pump will only be pulling water from the pool and sending it back to the pool. If the flow of the water improves, then your problem is in the filter. If this is the case, then call me and I will tell you some of the things that could cause this. If the flow remains weak as you stated then we need to go to plan B.
Plan B. Keeping the filter valve in the same position. Close off the skimmer valve to your pump and pull water only thru the main drain If the water flow impoves then you have a restriction in your skimmer line. If not then open your skimmer valve and close off the main drain valve and see what happens. If nothing changes then lets go to Plan C.
Plan C: Lets look at the pump. You state the pump is clean. I assume you mean in the pump basket. You stated you checked the impeller and it is okay. Take the top of your pump lid off, fill the pump basket full of water. Put the valve handle on your filter to waste and turn on your pump. If the water leaves the pump basket area with lots of force suddenly, then I would say that your pump is okay. If you see water going from the impeller area of the pump basket back into the basket area and not leaving the basket area suddenly then you have an impeller problem. If your basket has a crack in it, this can let trash get into the impeller area and restrict the flow. If you have a round basket and it used to have a handle. The handle touches the top of the lid and restricts the basket from floating upward which prevents trash from going around the basket into the impeller area. If the basket is not seated properly when the water flowing in the pump area will be in front of the suction part of the line and can restrict the flow. If any of these things are not going on, then the next thing I would do is get into the impeller area and look at the impeller itself. If your not sure how to do that, then call me and I will walk you thru it. If you know how, then inspect the impeller and make sure it has no trash in the opening or inside the impeller. You can take small wire that will bend and insert it into the side of the impeller opening and push it down into the center opening. do this in each side opening until you are sure you have cleared the impeller of any trash that might be in it. If there is no trash, then check the impeller by turning it with you fingers and seeing if it is broken from the shaft. sometimes the treads of the impeller shaft wears out and it will slip under pressure when it is trying to pull water and thereby will not pull or push with full force. Flip the switch on the pump motor while you have it out and see if it seems to start and stop as it should. By the time you have done this, you will have found your problem. If not, then give me a call and we can talk. If all this is as clear as mud, then call me anyway and we can try to help you in the right direction. I started out cleaning pools a while back and I have run into a few of these problems over the years. I bet you and I can figure this out.
Thanks, Dan

wow did this man go out of his way to help me or what---thank you dan for not only the info but for your time and sincer good heart==you are welcome in atlanta anytime

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