3M splotchy pool job

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3M quartz plaster

Postby Steamer » Fri 25 Mar, 2005 03:46

Doesn't look too good. Perhaps your local BBB could give you some advice on what to do.


3M quartz plaster

Postby Steamer » Sat 26 Mar, 2005 02:48

I found some pictures at http://cms.3m.com/cms/US/en/2-125/cFiliFP/view.jhtml and the plaster seems quite even, not much like yours. I don't know what I would do.

When you visit the other pools, try to ask the owners if they are happy with the plaster. If they are then the surface is probably close to what it should be. If the owners are unavailable when you visit, I would be suspicious that the company is trying to keep you away from possible negative feedback.

Good luck

Postby Guest » Sun 06 Nov, 2005 21:22

Strange way of doing things. Letting a pool sit that long without water will lead to excessive check cracking. Didn't see the pictures but some check cracking is normal. Splotchiness and an ununiform dispersal of the colorquartz is normal. It's not a bathtub so don't expect perfection there's is just too many variables. The way we do colorquartz is last plasterer out drops the hose in and then we return for an in pool acid wash. That allows for the wet cure to begin when it should not a couple of days after the fact.

quartz plaster problems

Postby underthewire » Mon 13 Mar, 2006 10:53

Anyone else have problems with a quartz plaster finish? My pool company has told me it's everything from the water well, brass valves, the heater...but certainly cannot be their product.
They acid washed it in December and problems are re appearing in March.

Pool Help

Quartz plaster problems

Postby Pool Help » Mon 13 Mar, 2006 15:58

underthewire, it sounds as if you have a staining problem.

Stains are most often a result of metals such as copper that the pool company implied. Have the copper levels checked. If the problem is in your well water, then a metal-out product will prevent the stains. If the problem originates from the pool or its fixtures, you need to determine which fixture and why.

A low pH, total alkalinity, and/ or low hardness levels all lead to increased corrosion and breakdowns of metals, but also result in the etching and softening of the plaster surface, so you probably would have noticed something was wrong there.

Please give more details about the stains - size, color, progression.

Postby N7gtj » Tue 14 Mar, 2006 20:37

We just had 3M done but solid white. It is not splotchy but it did stain while waiting to fill with water. Now that it is full the stains will not brush out. The pool company said the would take care of it. They did say to brush constantly and the more you brush the longer it would last. I have not noticed any cracks yet but the plaster dust in the water makes it hard to see.


Postby Poolz » Wed 15 Mar, 2006 05:51

I'm pleased to hear your pool is finally full after the extremely long wait and battle you have had.

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