3M splotchy pool job

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quartz plaster problems

Postby floridapooltech » Sun 15 Aug, 2010 10:55

shotgun wrote:I have a 3m pool not even two years old and it looks bad. The pool installers said that's the way it is suppose to look and the 3m reps would not even come and look. My pool sat all weekend before they came back out. It is spotty and you can see brush stains. It is not the chemicals because I am a chemist at work. I would never use a 3m product on my pool again.

Is your pool made by 3M, or was it something from 3M you used on your pool? You mentioned brush marks so I am just wondering... :problem:

jeff mckenz

3M splotchy pool job

Postby jeff mckenz » Wed 16 Feb, 2011 12:11

Uh... guys gals etc...for your own sanity please read !!!!

3m is a product added to plaster as an additive. it's a bag of granular material, it's doesn't get or cause stains. you did not purchase 3m plaster, you purchased plaster with 3m added. almost all of the griping i just read could have been avoided or explained by your pool guy or plaster company had they known or chosen to, additionally, unfortunately, most of you would not have listened anyway from the rants i saw. Brush marks are from not brushing properly or long enough (the powder reattached permanently). blotchy could be from a number of causes (irregular wear probably from chemical imbalances), stains (tan (salt added improperly or chlorine burn or muratic acid added improperly), brown/rust (specs are usually granular fertiliser from your yard or neighboring yard (birds) or recent wrought iron fence grinding/welding that should have been kept out of pool or done before plaster) biological (plant droppings etc...), gray is often metal (magnesium or zinc i believe), but sometimes is the plaster curing, curing often takes a year) that are topical are not from any plaster defect. Stains that are inside (bearing in mixer going bad=rust stains in the plaster, not on)(dark or light swirls of dye improperly mixed altho some is expected)the plaster are !

the great news is that you purchased a 3m additive !!! almost all of you need to drain your pool and acid wash it lightly. this will remove a small amount of plaster material revealing more 3m and even out the blotchyness and darken the overall look. light acid wash is the key.... heavy washes produce a dark beautiful finish that is abrasive (sandpaper). some of you with biological stains tan/brown simply need to heavily shock and brush your pool / citric acid will cure many as well(crushed up vitamin c tabs will tell ) .

don't bother cursing me or asking additional questions, i got here by accident and thought some of you may genuinly want help. there are tons of web pages you can visit that would have answered all of these issues, taking less time than the bitching.
Pam Kanickij

3M splotchy pool job

Postby Pam Kanickij » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 16:01

We have the same issue only that it was done on a gonite finish "Anthony Pool". We had several reps come out and pool employees from Anthony's and they swear they don't know how it happened. We had spent thousands
of dollars to have our tile, coping and finish redone. Everything looks fine with the exception of the black veins in the deep end of the pool. It looks like it always needs vacuuming and makes me ill when I look at it. Anthony Pools were notified immediately and I have contacted BBB. They called and asked if I would remove my notation from BBB and I refused until the matter was resolved. I haven't heard back from them and my pool still looks terrible...the worse money I ever spent and the worse company I ever delt with. Highly unprofessional and not recommended. Hope you get satisfaction with your pool....

3M splotchy pool job

Postby cheryl » Sat 02 Feb, 2013 12:43

I have stained stairs in my pool and some bottom discolouraion. I have a 3M finish. I have been encouraged to get an acid wash. I am concerned that I will still have a problem after this is done and not solve the problem.

I am wondering if I should leave the pool alone and live with the discolouration.
Please help me with this problem.

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