Sand in pool.

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Sand in pool.

Postby Kenny » Thu 21 Jul, 2005 22:02

I removed old sand and inspected laterals for cracks, installed new sand and still getting sand in pool. The pressure never changes like it should when the filter is dirty. I inspected valve and seat gasket and it all appears to be normal. It seems as if some of the water is bypassing the sand filter but I can't find a crack or any thing out of the normal that would allow this to happen. I have had to floc 3 times this summer. I need help!!!


Postby Guest » Fri 19 Aug, 2005 06:37

Did you use the right size sand? You can't just use any sand like play sand you get from the building centers. It has to be "pool sand", it is usually sized as #40 mesh. An alternative to sand is zeolite, It has more surface area and removes ammonia before it locks up your chlorine.
Kathy B

Sand in bottom of pool

Postby Kathy B » Tue 09 May, 2006 08:47

Our sand filter broke and pumped alot of sand in the bottom of the pool, about 10 pounds or so. How should we vacuum this out without clogging the pool drain and without harming the pump?

Re: Sand in bottom of pool

Postby llittle » Fri 26 May, 2006 12:58

If it is only 10lb, you can use your regular pool vacuum, it will put the sand back on top in your filter. If your vacuum head does not pick it up off the bottom, remove vacuum head and duct tape the hose directly to the pole. leaving about 2 inches of extra holes at end so you are not goughing the bottom with the pole. That's it...

Kathy B wrote:Our sand filter broke and pumped alot of sand in the bottom of the pool, about 10 pounds or so. How should we vacuum this out without clogging the pool drain and without harming the pump?

Sand in pool

Postby poolproblems » Tue 06 Jun, 2006 23:08

I have had the same problem. My lateral had a crack and blew almost all of the sand from my filter into the pool. What a mess! So, now I need to get the sand out of the filter. Are you quite sure that sucking the sand with the vacuum in the "filteration" mode will not damage the pump? I figured the sand would settle in the tank, but I want to be sure.
Thanks for your help!
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Postby Walter » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 09:24

Be sure to put water back in the filter before adding sand, always put water above latterals and then add sand, this will prevent the latterals from breaking.
We are a custom pool and spa builder. We can only offer suggestions with the information given. Don't hesitate to email me if you have a questions and I will answer it as best as I can or point you in the right direction.
Petes pool
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Sand in Pool

Postby Petes pool » Fri 15 Sep, 2006 07:26

I have just changed the sand in my Tagelus filter but sand is now leaking into the pool and depositing on the bottom, not vast amounts but enough to make the water cloudy and not clear with floculant. What have I done wrong or what is likely to have gone wrong? I simply vacuumed the old stuff out as well as possible and replaced it with the amount and type recommended by my usual pool bit supplier, having first half filled it with water.
When I clean the pool the multiport gets blocked with sand and will not turn, I have to remove it and wash it so that it works again. :cry:
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Do I need to replace the filter completely
Pete, pool user with little experience

Sand in bottom of pool

Postby jdesana » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 09:03

Kathy B wrote:Our sand filter broke and pumped alot of sand in the bottom of the pool, about 10 pounds or so. How should we vacuum this out without clogging the pool drain and without harming the pump?
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I'm new here
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Sand in pool.

Postby traveliner » Wed 19 Aug, 2009 10:45

Hi, newbie to forum I am having a problem with sand coming out of my filter into the pool. my filter is a doughboy silica 2 and i have stripped it looked for cracked or brioken parts inside and everything looks in good condition, so i replaced the sand and guess what!!! more sand coming out now than before i stripped it.
The multi valve seat was in great condition as I renewed that last year, any ideas what I should check now please. Regards Andy

Sand in pool.

Postby Guest » Sun 25 Jul, 2010 15:15

There is a full list of trouble shooting when dealing with pool issues. Ensure all fittings and seals throughput the system are properly secured, water will go where it's easiest. This can sometime cause the dirty water to bypass the filter system. If that's not the issue and there aren't any cracks, then next would be the sand grade. The recommended grade/size is listed on the filter tank's sticker. If everything you could possibly think of checks out good then it may be time to spend the money and have a tech come and at least look at the system, it's what they do.
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I'm new here
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Sand in pool.

Postby worksmadhu » Sat 05 Feb, 2011 21:36

If the sand is getting back into the pool and the lateral or standpipe is still broken. You have to vac to waste which drains the pool. Also if they replaced the sand and put right to filter all the dust went into the pool. Backwash should be done first after changing sand.

Sand in pool.

Postby Dwayne » Thu 12 May, 2011 13:44

While vacuuming our pool, suddenly sand in considerable quantities began entering the pool through in the inlet stream. This has never happened before. No adjustments or changes have been made to the filter. What can cause this to suddenly begin happening?

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