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water test results

Postby the pony boy » Sun 24 Jul, 2005 09:55

hi all! im new to pools and i am lost.i just picked up the walmart 5-1 and did a test.the results were cl=was orange off the chart
ph=was almost at 6.8
akl=60(dont know if i did it rite)
hardness i got nothing

i bought this house 6 weeks ago and the prior owners left the pool uncovered for 2 years and didnt touch it.the water is now a cloudy blue from me shocking it several times.i have a brand new hayward 166t sand filter as well. please help phil from carmel ny.


Cloudy water

Postby DiscountPoolWarehouse » Mon 14 Nov, 2005 11:33

Pony Boy,

The problem is going to be an accurate test. When the chlorine goes off the scale the other tests will not be accurate. In order to do the other tests with accuracy you cannot have any chlorine present in the test solution. Most of the other tests have a chlorine neutralizer in them, but they only neutralize up to 3 ppm anything over that and all bets are off. I recommend you find a swimming pool store that does free water analysis. You may want to do some shopping around because some companies find it important to do the best job they can with water analysis and some just do it and have no clue. So if you go to one and don't get the results you need try another.

There are two equations at work here, filtration and chemistry, since we know the filter is new (and we are assuming you used swimming pool filter sand NOT PLAY SAND) then it must be chemistry related.

Good luck if you have more questions please just post a reply.

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