pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

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pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby Zyriak » Tue 01 May, 2012 07:39

A solution to this problem can be to try vacuming on rinse ;)
then you suck up the fine-dust and pumps it right out of the pool ;)

Just a suggestion :)


pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby bear1962 » Fri 18 May, 2012 13:49

How do you get rid of the dust if you use a DE filter??

pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby bobbob » Wed 08 Aug, 2012 03:16

Using a sock is the best method I have found too. I used to place a kitchen sponge inside the vacum bag, so the sponge sat over the water inlet. This would scoop up most of the dust but there would be a load that remained.

When I use the sock I fold it over the vacum water inlet so the toe and heel provide two layers of filtration. The water pressure from my hose is sufficient to keep the dust inside the sock, but not enough to push the sock off the vacum. All that needs done when finished is popping your sock in the wash, just remember to tell the wife why one white tube sock is in the wash!

pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby GregoryG » Thu 20 Jun, 2013 06:57

I have a 33' round above ground pool (3 years old). Had no trouble with the brown dust until this year. I was also told by the pool store I needed extra chemicals, pump repair, etc. I backwash weekly and ensure all the chemical levels are good. Still was getting the algae at the bottom of the pool. When I vacuumed the pool I was using the filer setting on the pump. Extremely stupid. After reading the manual for the pump, I began vacuuming the pool using the "Waste" valve on the pump. After the first vacuum, a much smaller amount accumulated in about 3 days. After vacuuming again, using the "Waste" valve, the algae disappeared AND HAS NOT RETURNED (3 weeks now). I hope someone out there will learn from my stupidity.....

pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby tucsonJ » Tue 13 Aug, 2013 22:02

I have seen some dust on the bottom of my pool too. There is a frog system on my pool. It is all enclosed and I wonder where I must install the additional filter and socks?


pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby beccadrln » Wed 04 Jun, 2014 08:29

I have white water, I wasn't thinking when I added new sand to sand filter did not back wash the dust out just turned it on. Ran it for 20 hours then let it set hoping it would settle so I could vacume to waste out, It never settled. So I am now trying the sock Idea hoping it will catch the white sand dust.

pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby aquaman28 » Thu 05 Jun, 2014 23:25

The dust you are all talking about is the Kool Deck delaminating. After about 5 years your kool deck will begin to loose a small dust...if it is really bad you will see little sparkles on kool deck. It just needs a little wind and its in your pool.

pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby Poolman1abe » Wed 03 Sep, 2014 16:16

Kudos to Debbie for using a sock, I will do you one better, I have been using polyester pillow batting (you can get it really cheap at Walmart) to enhance filtration on my fish tank for years, and when I ran into the dust problem on my pool (I live in a windy area so this is a daily affair) I decided to try this, so I grabbed a good size piece of the material and rolled it up somewhat tight and stuffed it into the vacuum collector right before the exit towards the pump, and it works so nice that the filter doesn't get dirt in it, heck it might be a better filter than the actual filter :D

Re: pool dust solved, A thanks will do!

Postby Anton » Fri 12 Aug, 2016 00:37

I have another answer. I bought a 2500l jojo tank. I took a 40km pipe from the backlash outlet of the pool pump to the book tank. So when I backwash, rinse or waste the water goes directly into the book tank. Wait 5 days for the fine dust to settle at the bottom of the tank then you let the clean water back into your pool. You save a lot of water too. I just did it and it works perfectly.
I tried the socks but the dust was even too fine for that.

Pool dust/algae

Postby suca98 » Sun 11 Jun, 2017 12:34

After reading everyone's post. I have an intex 18x4 easy set pool. I took my water vacuum (the ones that you attach the hose to, not the ones that run through your filter about $22 at lowes or walmart). I attached a thick white sock, over top I placed panty hose [dress sock kind] and the regular mesh bag on top. A triple filter. I cleaned all the brown sand/dead algae off the bottom of the pool yesterday...today I expected to have to vacuum again, but it's still gone. The first sock was green, the second nylon sock caught the rest and the "cloud" that usually comes out when you vacuum the bottom. It's gone and I'm a happy pool owner.

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