de-commissioning an in-ground pool

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de-commissioning an in-ground pool

Postby olycallie » Sun 24 Jul, 2005 19:31

I recently purchased a home with a 35 x 15 in-ground pool, about 40 years old. It hasn't been functional for at least the last 10 years. I've checked on repairs and find that they are out of my price range. The pool sides are marine plywood and the bottom is cement. I've removed the vinyl liner, pump & filter. The pool is empty, but for a few inches of water & I can't get the drain to function.

I want to fill it in and put a patio on top, but need to ensure the fill will drain properly. Does anyone have suggestions about the best material to fill it with? Also, does the concrete itself need to be removed, or just broken up? I live in the Pacific NW & can't seem to find anyone with experience with this. THANKS



Postby cyber36 » Mon 25 Jul, 2005 12:30

Hi! I'd do this.......Make sure bottom drain is free(unplugged) & put a fine mesh screen over it, fill the empty pool 1/4 full of regular sand, & fill the rest with regular screened top-soil. Plant your grass seed & that's it. I can't see a good reason to spend extra to remove the concrete. Good Luck!
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Postby BraddockPools » Wed 27 Jul, 2005 22:06

Goto a tool rental place and rent a jackhammer and bust some holes in the bottom of the concrete and then fill it up with dirt.


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