White spots on black bottom pool

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White spots on black bottom pool

Postby [email protected] » Tue 26 Sep, 2006 11:50

Our pool has been great this summer. With a black bottom, it keeps it a few degrees warmer. However, we are noticing white spots all over the sides and bottom. Is the black color coming off? Could the chlorine be too strong? What would make this happen? I'd love some suggestions as to what to do.

the pool doctor

white spots black finish

Postby the pool doctor » Wed 04 Oct, 2006 18:39

the white spots are what's known as "calcium bleed" calcium hardness is part of pool water chemistry balancing. when water evaporates and you have to add more water,the water added does not contain calcium chloride. calcium chloride is what makes the finish of pool not porous.it also is what makes pool water sparkle.if not added it will pull the calcium chloride added to finish to speed up curing process when pool finish originally applied.also black finish pools can prevent calcium bleeds by keeping calcium hardness in the 400-500 ppm range.black pools can also benefit from a slightly lower ph(7.2-7.4)and a lower total alkalinity(80ppm)

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