Baracuda vs Zodiac G4 vs...

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Baracuda vs Zodiac G4 vs...

Postby osmosis » Sun 01 Oct, 2006 02:40


I'm in the market for a pool cleaner. Is there any real difference between the Baracuda Classic and the G4? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the replies.



Postby Kev » Mon 16 Oct, 2006 00:50


I am no professional but what I can tell you for sure by experience. I purchased a Zodiac G4 just this summer and based on my research at the the time of purchase the new G4 has a better design in the diaphragme and can climb up the walls higher without loosing the power of cleaning and scrubing.

By personal experience I love it and it works great i would recommend buying it.

Again I am no professional.
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Postby HIRAM » Thu 10 Apr, 2008 19:26

I just aquired a g4 from my pool builder at first i felt it was moving way to slow compared to my brothers he has a hayward,but it seems to be working just climbs walls and picks up everything!the jury is still out give me a few weeks and i will let u know

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