leaking drain return line

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leaking drain return line

Postby stevem » Mon 02 Oct, 2006 18:40

I have a 40 year old gunite pool that is structurally sound and its surface is in really good shape. I have never been able to effectively balance suction between the skimmer return and the drain return (whenever I adjusted the turtle to all drain, I got lots of air in the line). As a result, I rarely used the drain return. Recently, I started losing water at about 1/2 inch per day and I'm relatively certain it's due to a broken drain return line. My question is this: If I plug the drain line at the drain opening, will it cause any operability problems with the skimmer line?

Rolf S

Cracked drain line

Postby Rolf S » Tue 31 Oct, 2006 08:46

I just had my pool refinished and the builder cracked my drain return (elbow) while trieng to dislodge debreis.
He said he will plug the drain and provide me with an extra vacuum line to the pump.
He claims this will not be a problem for the pool.
I amaffriad I am losing the filter for the deep end of the pool where everythings collects.

Postby Ickle » Thu 23 Nov, 2006 11:44

From experience with this matter i would try to fix the leak. But, you can survive as many pools do with only skimmers on the surface working, what you will need to think about though is trying to make the most of the returns(Jets), try and angle them to get the best whole coverage and so as that you dont get "dead" water sat in the bottom or in one corner.
If your looking at trying to find the leak then i would suggest trying to determin the level at which the break has happened.

Postby Guest » Fri 01 Dec, 2006 01:13

no,now your pulling water from skimmer only. Now bottom suction is non-funtinal.
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Pool Care Proficient
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Postby Ickle » Fri 01 Dec, 2006 11:23

yes it does mean your main drain isnt working at all, but unless your prepared to pay out the money for the pool to be drained, floor cut up, pipes replaced (possibly new sump), Then for it all to be put back together including pool surrounds. I would suggest that from previous experience you can run a pool with skimmers only, as long as you remain having good flow around the pool.
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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Postby dynamictiger » Fri 01 Dec, 2006 17:16

There is no reason I can think of to repair a main drain. The costs involved outweigh any benefit. Especially when you have already been running the plant without it.

If you are concerned about circulation in the bottom of the pool you could consider an automatic cleaner, if you don't already have one. This device will ensure circulation in the pool as it moves supposedly everywhere.


main drain

Postby kelly » Wed 27 Dec, 2006 21:59

no one here uses there main drains everyone I know uses some sort of automatic cleaning system like a creepy crawly which basicly becomes a remote drain.

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