2 Skimmers

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2 Skimmers

Postby Philip » Mon 25 Jul, 2005 20:24

I'm a new pool owner because our new house came with one. I have a question about vacuum. We have a commercial grade pool (according to the pool cleaner that turned our water clear, used to be a dark green) and it has 2 skimmers. I want to vacuum the pool but when I put the hose in the skimmer, it doesn't pull in much water and the other skimmer takes most of the water in. Usually they're about even in how much water they pull in but when I put a vacuum in one, it doesn't really suck and the other skimmer does it all. Do I somehow have to close the pipe on the other skimmer before vacuuming so water is only pulled in through one skimmer? Any help is appreciated!


Vacuum Pool

Swimming pool vacuum problem

Postby Vacuum Pool » Sun 15 Jan, 2006 09:10

When you vacuum a pool with more than one suction port, you need to close the others off. In your case with 2 skimmers, either shut the second (open) skimmer off at the valve (if present), or plug the hole.

You will probably be able to find a skimmer plate or plug suitable for the skimmer you pool uses. If not you could throw together a makeshift plug using a pvc pipe with an end plug.

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