chlorine reading is bright orange

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babs in portugal

chlorine reading is bright orange

Postby babs in portugal » Wed 27 Jul, 2005 06:04

why is this happeming


Postby Guest » Wed 27 Jul, 2005 14:57

are you sure you arent checking the P.H. Chlorine should be yellow. Unless you are using another form of sanatizing

Postby Guest » Thu 28 Jul, 2005 21:55

check what you are testing. Sounds like PH. If you are using drops... buy the test strips. Cost a little more but easier and more accurate.

Postby Guest » Wed 17 Aug, 2005 16:44

Too much chlorine. That's what a drop test does as the level goes higher.

Postby Guest » Fri 19 Aug, 2005 06:57

If you are using the cheap "oto" test method, the test will turn orange when chlorine levels get above 5ppm. It will even get into the reds and even brown as chlorine gets even higher. I suggest getting a DPD/FAS test kit. They are more expensive, but are very acurate, especially at high chlorine levels. STOP DUMPING CHLORINE IN UNTILL YOU GET A HANDLE ON THIS !!!!!!!


Postby sarbear » Fri 26 May, 2006 16:10

how do you lower chlorine?

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