above ground vs in ground pumps

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Knoxville Guy

above ground vs in ground pumps

Postby Knoxville Guy » Thu 05 Oct, 2006 10:26

I have an in ground pool and need to replace my Hayward pump. I have an opportunity to buy another brand slightly used pump at a very reasonable price. Both pumps’ performance curves seem quite similar and they are of the same HP.

My question is that the pump I’m looking at for the replacement is an “above ground” unit. Since I have an "in ground" pool are there any significant problems in using an “above ground” pump to circulate the pool water? The pump location would be in the adjacent basement, sheltered, dry and at about the same elevation as the bottom of the pool, where the current pump is situated.

Any help is appreciated..

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Pool Care Proficient
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Postby Demons1964 » Thu 05 Oct, 2006 18:35

Above-ground pools usually have the pump well below water level and therefore the ability for the pump to be self-priming is not usually a problem. Seeing as your pump is also at the same elevation as the bottom of the pool I see no problem.

You've done the right thing by checking the performance curves, the only other thing to check is how many amps it's pulling in case you're concerned about your electricity bill.

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