dark green pool - how do I clean it??

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dark green pool - how do I clean it?

Postby Guest » Sat 10 Mar, 2007 21:23

my pool loks like the end of day two BTW


dark green pool - how do I clean it?

Postby Guest » Mon 12 Mar, 2007 21:54

Hey! I can see the bottom! Full of leaves! That I can see to vaccum! Loaded with yellow mustrd algae! But ...I can see the bottom. Cheap ass bleach is the way to go. I spent over $60 on yellow out and shock= nothing but foam: $18 on 12 bottles o bleach= Bottom!
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dark green pool

Postby Demons1964 » Tue 13 Mar, 2007 05:13

That's great news, you're on the home stretch now. Mustard algae will tend to form in areas of low water movement so keep up the vacuuming. Make sure you get the free chlorine up to at least 15ppm to kill the spores otherwise it will return. I've had a dose of mustard algae myself, nasty stuff.

Ongoing, keep your free chlorine at a minimum of 5ppm, you'd be surprised that the industry standard 1-3ppm doesn't quite cut the mustard (excuse the pun).

dark green pool

Postby Guest » Sun 18 Mar, 2007 09:49

Hey Demon! Sorry I was busy, couldn't get back, but hey! pool is chrystal clear! The pool liner has the mustard stuff all over it ie; sides and shallow end, but the water itself is clear as glass. I'm brushing and vaccuming as often as I can,(have a cold, and I have to do a brake job, etc), but yeah I'm gonna keep the chlorine up there,10- 11, and keep after it, till it warms up. Thanks for your help.
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Postby MOTHER22TWINS » Thu 19 Apr, 2007 18:12

Hi, we have an inground pool 18x36. It is very green. My husband usually takes care of it but hasn't yet. I came across this site while searching for information. I don't know much about pool maintenance. Am I understanding previous posts correctly? Do you use straight bleach?
If so, would it be the same with a salt system?

Easy Clearing

Postby jwatkins » Fri 08 Jun, 2007 16:53

When we closed our pool last winter we were fighting green algae, but we closed anyway. When we opened this spring it was a mess. We shocked and algaecided, but still green and a mess. Here is the inexpensive simple fix that cured the problem: (we are a 10,000 gallon pool 16x24 Kayak) We poured 4 gallons of chlorine in and let it mix well. We turned the pump off during the night and vacuumed the dead algae the next morning with the filter on WASTE. We then had to add some miriatic acid to fix the PH balance. The pool is clear now and believe me it was a green mess. It was so green that we couldn't see more than 2 or 3 inches into the water. The pool liquid chlorine only costs about $3.00 a gallon. We had spent over $100 on other stuff. This is the fix. Good luck

Re: dark green pool - how do I clean it?

Postby Guest » Mon 21 Jul, 2008 07:57

We have a 16x36 pool that is lined. It has turned dark green. we have not neglected our pool. We thought we had been putting the right chemicals in it. What do we do? I have been told Bleach works does it? We had been putting the DEA powder in the skimmer blackflushing and nothing seems to be working. HELP!


Postby ktownkid » Wed 30 Jul, 2008 17:22

Pool is green tried everything 200 in chemicals so far. thinking about getting rid of pool, but reading other peoples troubles and learning that maybe bleach is the solution, I want to know is it the answer I've been looking for. I have a 18 foot above ground pool. How much should I use in it if it works. signed Like green in my wallet.

Green pool water

Postby dvdg » Sun 03 Aug, 2008 22:22

We have a 27ft round above ground pool. Our problem is trees!!! Every time we get the pool clear, it rains! Then it turns green! We spent $$$$ on chemicals last year, this year all we add is bleach and baking soda, but the one thing we have not done is check our ph balance. Does that have a lot to do with keeping the water clear? Please help!![/b][/i]
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dark green pool

Postby chem geek » Mon 04 Aug, 2008 01:35

You probably don't have the Free Chlorine (FC) level high enough for the demand that occurs when there is rain and dropping organics from the trees. You really do need to test for Free Chlorine (FC), Combined Chlorine (CC), pH, Total Alkalinity (TA), Cyanuric Acid (CYA), and Calcium Hardness (CH) though the latter doesn't have to be checked very often. The Taylor K-2006 test kit is excellent and will test all of these accurately. You can get it at a good online price here. Or you could get the TF100 kit from tftestkits(dot)com here that has 36% more volume of reagents so is comparably priced per test.

Are you keeping an absolute minimum FC that is 7.5% or more of the CYA level?

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