Propane vs. Electric "Heaters"

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Scott The Bugman

Propane vs. Electric "Heaters"

Postby Scott The Bugman » Thu 05 Oct, 2006 22:51

I have had electric water heaters in previous pools, but never had tried propane. Is there a benefit to propane heaters, money is not an object. What are the Pros' & Con's of each??? :roll:


Postby lunticfringe » Thu 12 Apr, 2007 11:58

propane heats faster and more efficiently

Propane vs. Electric "Heaters"

Postby Nicole » Mon 16 Apr, 2007 08:14

While propane heaters are faster and less expensive to install they are the most expensive to operate. 6-8 times more expensive than a Heat Pump Propane heaters have 1/2 the lifespan of a heat pump and as little as 1/10 the warranty. Having a propane heater could also increase your homeowners insurance.

Propane heaters are for the rich, who want to spend the least on an install and only concerned with speed.
Sammy 27


Postby Sammy 27 » Tue 03 Jul, 2007 08:59

My personal experience with a Focus Temp 85 heat pump and Water Co USA has been horrible. Poor durability, outrageously expensive to repair and zero assistance from the company.
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Postby Backglass » Tue 03 Jul, 2007 09:35

lunticfringe wrote:propane heats faster and more efficiently

More efficiently?! Propane heaters are the most very inefficient method of heating. They are the fastest however but if you are keeping a constant temp speed is not an issue. In my opinion, propane is old technology.

The cheapest place to buy heat pumps is www poolheatpumps com.

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