Fiberglass quuestion

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Permanent Pools

Fiberglass quuestion

Postby Permanent Pools » Fri 29 Jul, 2005 10:07

Hello, I'm from permanentpools(dot)com in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. I have a question about fiberglass swimming pools. In the winter, they seem to raise out of the ground. Is there anything you can do to prevent this from happening?


fiberglass inserts

Postby Cyber36 » Fri 29 Jul, 2005 12:25

I guess you'd better move to a warmer climate, eh? :lol:
Aquatic Escapes

Postby Aquatic Escapes » Sat 20 Aug, 2005 15:49

Not trying to put in the ole plug are you....fiberglass pools that are filled cannot float any more than a sunken boat. All pools will float if drained and allowed water to undermine the pool....yes, even gunite pools.

Fiberglass quuestion

Postby deejay1 » Thu 11 Jun, 2009 13:09

We found that if we leave the pool 2/3's to 3/4's full of water over the winter and cover with the winter cover, it keeps the pool from rising. Hope this helps.

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