pool liner leak

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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pool liner leak

Postby slappy55 » Tue 10 Oct, 2006 16:43

I have a leak in the pool liner of above ground pool...I already tried to patch it with the patch kits..Patch kits didn't work, liner still leaks...My question is can I leave the pool empty (no water) with no cover on it for the winter & wait till spring to replace liner? Do I have to replace the liner now, refill/start up & then winterize & cover it?

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Pool Care Proficient
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Postby Demons1964 » Wed 11 Oct, 2006 00:19

The only reason you would need to keep the pool full of water is if the outside lateral pressure of any snow/ice forces the wall inwards (i.e. buckling would become a problem). That would usually be balanced by the the force of the water pushing outwards. Only you can be the judge of that based on snowfall.

Besides, if you have an expandable liner you'll never be able to install the new liner in the cold weather because it will shrink too much. Additionally you'll be getting 6 months less useable time out of your new liner. I suggest you buy the new liner in spring.

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