will acid washing make plaster look better?

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will acid washing make plaster look better?

Postby Dave » Mon 01 Aug, 2005 16:17

We have a 4 year old plaster/gunite pool in a medium gray color. When it was being plastered, the plasterers who were subs for the pool installer told us not to wet down the plaster as the pool was filling, despite it being a very hot day. Earlier, the installer had told us we would need to wet the walls, but the plasteres were adamant, saying that we would wash out the gray color if we did it. When the installer got to the house, he said we needed to wet down the plaster in the shallow end as well as the walls. Over the next few weeks, we started noticing crazing. I have been very careful with the chemistry, but the floor of the shallow end is a lighter color than the deep end, and when you look closely, you can see the tiny aggregate or whatever is under the smooth grey plaster in these lighter areas. We have had no plaster failure, etc. The deep end is the original gray color except a couple spots where I used a "stain eraser" rubbery thing that was supposed to be safe for plaster. In those areas in the deep end, there are also light spots.

If we were to have the pool acid washed, would this even out the color throughout the pool and get rid of the crazing? Would it then "match" those areas where we see the tiny aggregate showing? Thanks. Dave

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Acid washing

Postby Larry » Wed 28 Dec, 2005 03:26

An acid wash would probably even out the color. But the nature of acid washing is to remove a layer of the surface by dissolving the top. You may end up pitting or ruining the homogenous, smooth surface the pool has at present.

What do the contractors suggest?

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