Winter Pool Cover Problems....

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Winter Pool Cover Problems....

Postby mickistreeter » Fri 13 Oct, 2006 15:07

Hi, and Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give.

This is our second winter with our pool. We have a 30ft. above ground.

Last year we had a HECK of a time keeping our pool cover on! And, I thought this year we had it all taken care of, but today, off it blew!

I have done everything I can think of! We have a pillow in the middle, I got the clips for all around the side of the pool (They just shot off with the wind), and we have sixteen of the pool bags that attach to the edge of the cover and are suppose to keep the cover down. We even threw a tire on each side of the pillow on top of the cover to try and keep the cover from blowing up. We have the cable as tight as it can possibly go. Last year we even tried putting water jugs on the outside of the pool to hold the cover down also, and we put some water last year on top of the cover, but as soon as a good wind got under the cover, it blew all the water off.

I really just do not know what else to try to keep it down! Any suggestions? Like I said, with the clips and the water bags I thought we nipped it in the butt this year, but now when I just went to pick our son up from school, it was off and laying in a heap at one end of the pool.

By the way, we live in Wisconsin and have some harsh winters.

Thanks again for any suggestions!

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby drfinale » Sat 14 Oct, 2006 08:31

Does your pool cover have grommets around the edges (holes with metal rings)? Our pool cover came with a long wire that threads through these grommets. After you thread the wire through, you use the included ratchet to tighten the wire around the edge of the coping of the pool. We had some pretty bad wind last winter, and we had no problems with the cover (though I am sure our winters in NJ are more mild than yours).
Pine Hill, NJ

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