Considering building a new in-ground swimming pool…

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Considering building a new in-ground swimming pool…

Postby jovisanr » Wed 03 Aug, 2005 00:25

I need help... :?: My wife and I are considering building a new in-ground swimming pool with Spa. It is the first time we will have a pool if we decide to move forward with this project.
I have no clue about swimming pools…. I need as much information as possible in how to deal with contractors, what questions I should ask, what details I should be careful and pay more attention before sign any contract.
What should be a fair price to pay for a pool 25’w x 45’l and spa for 8 people… :?:
In-ground / concrete.
Energy Efficient pool pump and heater
Filtering and vacuum system
And I don’t know what else I should ask ….
I’m leaving in Southern California…
Thanks! :?:

Pool O.

New pool help

Postby Pool O. » Wed 08 Feb, 2006 09:41

  1. Pool surface
  2. Construction time
  3. Guarantee
  4. References - and DO check them out!!
  5. Accesories and initial maintenance
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Suzianne » Wed 15 Feb, 2006 20:07

hi, i was told by a friend to download this ebook at swimmingpoolbuyerguide it talked a lot about how to deal with differant pool companies and sorta explained how to well deal with contractors! I'm in CA too, hope it helps you
Pool Help

Pool building advice

Postby Pool Help » Thu 16 Feb, 2006 07:14

I checked out the site. Really very poor!

No information and no links. Only paid advertising and a way to purchase an expensive e-book without even a sample chapter. Even the email link doesn't work (go figure - how would you even ask for a refund?!).

Well, that's life on the internet.

choosing a pool builder

Postby just4u » Wed 01 Mar, 2006 17:10

Not all pool builders are the same ie. different equipment, different materials, different plumbing and specs. No two quotes are every the same w/ exact matching specs. A company in Houston builds CHEAP pools with little regard to DURABILITY OR LONGIVITY. Cheap pools are only cheap in the beginning. People that don't buy pools from them get called names if the owner doesn't like them anymore. They also have a couple of complaints on the BBB. Good luck this summer.

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