Painting a FibreGlass

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Painting a FibreGlass

Postby Kev » Mon 16 Oct, 2006 00:37


I recently bought a house with a in-ground fibreglass pool. After my first run with this pool i noticed that it requires a paint job for the simple reason that when you pass your hands on the sides or the bottom it leaves a white residue on your hand and that there are yellow spots on the pool itself because the paint is completly gone.

I had the pool person come in to evaluate it and he told me that we would need to empty the water wash it with acid, paint it with epoxy paint and refill. On the other hand i was told by certain friends of mine that you cannot empty a fibreglass pool completly as it can raise from the ground. Someone else told me that you need to look foor a dry well to your system before starting anything and finnaly my pool person came back to tell me that he needs to also buff the pool before the acid clean and paint job.

He also wanted 2000$ to do this job. So my question is who is right, what is the correct procedure to piant such a pool and what is the approximate cost.

Like i mentioned this is my first pool and I do not know the logistics.

Please let me know thank you.


Postby Guest » Mon 19 Mar, 2007 08:15

just wondering if you ever got this done? I have the same problem.

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