Lets talk Solar Temps

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Lets talk Solar Temps

Postby Viesel » Tue 17 Oct, 2006 22:28

I am in the Tampa Bay area and my pool is down to 84 now and I want to add solar then later in the fall also add a waste oil boiler to keep the pool up to cozy temps.

What temps are others getting with solar panels in the south in relation to outside temps.

If I require 6 panels what happens if I install lets say 10. Would I really benefit in the winter from those extra panels?

Can you heat up a hot tub and keep it hot and let the water flow over to the pool and keep the pool warm?

Thanks for everyones imput.



Postby towney » Thu 19 Oct, 2006 12:18

Orlando, FL here. I have for the past 2 months researching and interviewing Solar and Heat Pumps. What I have found out that the best place for solar is facing South with second best position West. The only place I could put panels is on my West side a total of seven panels. With that the rep told me I would see a temp increase of 8-10 degrees. The more panels would help but South position is where you want to be. With that said I am tending to lean toward heat pump so I will not be at the mercy of weather conditions and I can realistically swim year round with temp's in the upper 80+.
As far as solar I found that the Heliocol system is the best. You must decide you swim season too, with me the solar rep had swim season from mid March to mid November. If you elect to go heat pump make sure you get a titanium w/COP >5, the higher the cop the more efficent it is. The unit I'm looking at Jandy 131BTU would cost approx 2-3 dollars a day to run. Hope this helps.

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