DE in pool... HELP!

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DE in pool... HELP!

Postby Andie » Wed 03 Aug, 2005 09:39

I'm new to pool ownership. I am finding DE throughout my pool whenever I backwash and refill the DE in the filter thru the skimmer box. My auto vacuume then spends 2 weeks picking the stuff off the bottom of the now cloudy pool. The DE is everywhere, on the ladder steps and piled in the corners. I am using the recommeded amount of DE on the box, I am backwashing my filter until clear water runs out. What am I doing wrong?


de in pool...I have the same problem

Postby Barb » Sat 27 Aug, 2005 18:22

did you ever find out how to take care of it? no suggestions are posted to your question.

thanks for any help 8)

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