Closing a fiberglass pool

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Closing a fiberglass pool

Postby DaveD » Thu 19 Oct, 2006 14:49

I used to own a 20x40 inground vinyl liner pool. Now I have a much smaller fiberglass pool and I am looking to close it for the first time. The company that installed it would like to close it for me, for about $500, which seems quite high. They will not, however, provide me with instructions for closing it myself. They claim there are liability problems. Right. Anyway, with my old pool I simply lowered the water below the skimmer, drained the water from the filter and the pump, and put on the winter cover. With this pool it seems to be more complicated. I can't lower the water, so I need to evacuate the water from the lines and add pool antifreeze. Anyone know of a good resource to get some details on how all of this is done? Thanks alot for your help.

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