Leaking Skimmer Help Please

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Leaking Skimmer Help Please

Postby Guest » Tue 09 Aug, 2005 11:59


After filling my pool up to half way up the skimmer it has dropped back down again to more or less the bottom of the skimmer in less than 24 hours (and has stopped there for another 24 hours) also the grass to the left of it was absolutely soaking.

Also when I tried to activate the skimmer (when the water was at the half way mark) the pump was drawing in a lot of air and if I left it to long would loose prime altogether.

I was wondering how I would go about removing the front of the skimmer and the rest of it if necessary as this would seem a strong possibility of where the leak is...

I also ordered some "fix a leak" today in case the leak is going to be akward to find...

All help highly appreciated as always..


Pool Help

Pool skimmer leak

Postby Pool Help » Fri 24 Feb, 2006 04:39

The leak is probably in the pipes beneath the skimmer. Try digging down next to the deck and tunnel under it to expose the base of the skimmer unit.

Verify where the leak is before breaking up the deck or ripping the skimmer out.

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