Problem with Hayward Pool Vac

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Problem with Hayward Pool Vac

Postby vcstamping » Fri 27 Oct, 2006 13:52

I am having trouble with my Hayward Pool Vac Ultra. It has been working fine until about 2 weeks ago. I have cleaned everything out (filters, all the normal things that cause it to stop working) everything and have taken it apart. I found a broken turbine bearing. I bought some new ones, put the cleaner back together and the cleaner still does not work correctly. The cleaner seems to turn left but not right and it moves slow. The cleaner raps the hose up. When I hold it up off the ground in the water the cleaner spins both ways. It does not turn right when on the ground. The right flapper does not seem to be working very hard when the cleaner is on the ground but is ok when i hold the cleaner off the ground. Does anybody have and advice?, Thanks JD

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