pump doesn't run

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pump doesn't run

Postby mmm123@suscom.net » Thu 11 Aug, 2005 18:09

We tried to turn our pump on yesterday but it wouldn't go on. My husband (who is away on a business trip) troubleshooted it with me over the phone and it seems there's no power going to the pump. Everything else around the pump has power, lights in pool, around pool, pool cover closes. The pump is on a timer and it hasn't come on and won't go on when I override the timer. Pool breakers are all on and house breakers are ok. The pumps about 4 yrs old and we have never had any problems before. Is there something I'm missing? My husband will have to trouble shoot it again when he gets back meantime kids don't want to get in pool without some heat which doesn't turn on without pump on. HELP!!!!! :( :( :)


Pump Problem....

Postby Cyber36 » Fri 12 Aug, 2005 12:01

Does by any chance, your pump motor have a secondary button fuse built into it? If it was tripped out, you push it back in to reset it. I hope this is the case & helps. Otherwise, you may have burnt-up the motor. Does it smell hot when it SHOULD be running? You also may have have a seized bearing. Good Luck!

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