Cracked return line

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Rolf S

Cracked return line

Postby Rolf S » Tue 31 Oct, 2006 08:43

In the course of renovating my pool, new dqaimondbrit fisnih, the pool builder manged to crack the return line in the bottom of the pool. From the looks of it he must have tried to remove stuck debries and used a hart tool (Screw driver) and punched a 11?2" hole in the elbow of the return line. The elbo is about 1 foot below the bottom of the pool, embedded in the concret shell of the pool.
I amafraid if he tries to patch it up, the patch over time will losen and I have a real problem.
He suggested to plug the return ;line and provide me with a vaccum line in the side of the pool.
The problem is that now the deep end of the pool is always full of debries that are not filtered.
Any suggestions?????

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Postby dynamictiger » Fri 24 Nov, 2006 19:25

Ask yuour builder to dig out the elbow and fix it. There is no alternative. Any plug will work for a while, but cannot be guaranteed long term.

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