pressure reading too high

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pressure reading too high

Postby kongie » Sat 13 Aug, 2005 19:03

When my Hayward begins crawling to clean my pool, it moves at pretty good speed and low pressure on the tank for about 5 minutes, after those 5 minutes the hayward slows down to a crawl and the pressure gauge goes up to 20. Please advise, anyone??????

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Filter Pressure

Postby poolman64 » Sat 20 Aug, 2005 21:16

You didn't say what kind of filter you have, Cartridge, Sand, or DE, but it really doesn't matter. An increase in filter pressure indicates higher resitance to flow, so the cleaner slows down with less suction. This is a result of the filter getting dirty. Either the pool cleaner is sucking up a bunch of dirt or algae and plugging the filter, or your filter is in need of maintainance. If I knew what filter you had, I could suggest what should happen next.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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high pressure

Postby yaohungc » Wed 31 Dec, 2008 02:29

I have similar problem.
I have DE filter.

I changed all the ring/gasket, open the filter and clean everything, but still.
I saw a little bubble into the water.
If I start back-watch, means let water leak from filter, then, I can see pressure go down a little bit.
I think the pipe from skimmer to filter looks fine, but not the pipe from filter back to pool.
However, if I let all the water out from filter, and start again, I can see lots of air pump into pool, and that looks to me the pipe still fine!

Any ideal? Hope th fix the problem? Poolman64!

pressure reading too high

Postby Bluelitening » Thu 06 May, 2010 14:29

Hello, I too have a filter and pump that is reading High, I hav a DE PentAir 48 FNS, now Last summer i had cleaned the filter and noticed that the bleed tube sock was damage, (Letting DE back into the pool) talked with the rep from Pentair by phone he said there was not a filter/sock that they sold for it.???? So i have tried all sorts of things to keep the DE from getting into the pool so i have the water go to the spa then spill into the pool , at least the pool keeps clean,
Now usually after cleaning the filter i have a 20psi working pressure and everything works great , the sharkvac hauls around the pool i have a nice flow over the spa into the pool, However last week i was getting the pool ready , and pulled the filter assy out and washed it, stuck it back into the filter housing and turned the pump on to replace the DE product, I noticed that the pressure was up at 30PSI, and shark vac barely moves, I bled off the air to no avail and if i switch to both suction from Spa and pool and direct the flow to the spa, the water level in the spa decreases . Is this a filter problem still? how do i check? I ran a hose from the shark pickup to the pump filter , and from the skimmer to unclog any blockage? i need help Bad!!!

pressure reading too high

Postby jrowlandesq » Tue 31 May, 2011 12:42

I am having the same problem with a Pentair FNS Plus 60 Filter and a Jandy Stelth JHP 2.0 hp pump. Pentair says the operating pressure with clean DE should be around 8 - 10 psi. When I run the system with NO GRIDS in it I get 20 psi. I have checked for blockages and can't find any. The local pool store/service/builder tells me that pressure is pool specific, meaning it depends on the distances involved, the number of Ls in the system and he seems to think that the 20 psi at start up is ok. My problem is that after running the system for 3 - 4 hours the pressure creeps up to almost 40 psi. I've taken the filter apart going on 4 times now and added fresh DE, same problem. I have checked the filter pressure gauge with a pressure gauge I put on the hose bib between the pump and filter. It reads exactly the same as the gauge on the filter. When I put the pressure gauge AFTER the filter and heater I get no reading at all. I have connected a flow meter after the filter. It shows a flow of 75 - 80 GPM. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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