dirt..and more dirt

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dirt..and more dirt

Postby MaryBee » Sun 14 Aug, 2005 20:38

Hi all...I'm a fairly new pool owner (came with the house). This is my 2nd summer having a pool. Last yr I had my pool opened by a pool company and everything went fine all last summer. This yr. I opened the pool myself with the help of my neighbor (he's a pool owner of over 15 yrs). This year it seems I need to vacuum every single day. I will vacuum and the next day there is more dirt on the bottom. Same weather as last year, nothing different. It's just normal dirt. Did I forget to do something? or could it be a filter problem? I did have the sand changed in my filter at the beginning of the summer so I know that's not the problem. Everyone I ask just says oh its just normal...the wind blowing it in etc.... I never had this problem last yr though....Does anyone have ANY idea why I'm accumulating so much dirt every day?? Any suggestions or comments please!! Thanks for any responses!

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Postby vaughanwilliams » Mon 15 Aug, 2005 23:52

Try vacuuming to waste rather than through the filter, if you aren't allready.

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Postby Guest » Tue 16 Aug, 2005 08:26

Thanks for the reply Vaughan! I'll do that and see what happens.

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