clearing up pool in sprint

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clearing up pool in sprint

Postby kathy » Mon 04 Apr, 2005 11:52

Help,, I am a new pool owner with no experience, I just opened my pool and the water is green, I have the chemicals balanced and have put pool shock in, how long can expect before the water starts to clear up. I have NOT added yellow out or pool clarifier. I was told to wait and see it the balanced chemicals and pool shock would clear up the water.

Any advice will be appreciated

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Pool opening

Postby Larry » Mon 04 Apr, 2005 14:51

The water should have cleared at least partially within a day. It is good practice to adjust the pH and sanitizer (chlorine) daily after opening a pool. You may have to give the water a second shock treatment if it is really bad, but it should clear completely within a week.

pool opening

Postby vmaresca » Tue 17 May, 2005 12:14

I am new as well and had a very green pool when we removed the cover. We put in an entire bottle of algecide along with the shock and when the algea died it was white. We then had to add an entire bottle of drop out (flocculant) and wait a day for the dead algea and other debris to collect on the bottom. Then we vaccuumed it out with the vaccuum brush with the filter set on bypass to waste. We finally have a clear pool, but it took 10 days of trial, error and learning. The flocculant was the key for us as I was told that a sand filter does not filter algea.
good luck and keep reading and learning. My pool water is still not sparkling clear, but is much better.

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