green algae/foam

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green algae/foam

Postby more » Sat 04 Nov, 2006 22:33

I have been cleaning my pool for 3 month and have been doing good. today i went out to walmart and bought 1 quart of chemical for green algae. I poured this in my pool and immediately started having white foam all over the pool especially in the spa. The pool area has some some but it has cleared the spa is full of white foam. I pour 2 bags of pool shock but the foam is stil there. i check the chemical and it looks alright .
any suggestions. more


Re: green algae/foam

Postby GBUser » Tue 14 Nov, 2006 22:47

more wrote: 1 quart of chemical for green algae.

Maybe you can show us the label of the chemical.
You can use anti-foam to destroy foam or use superchlorination to try to destroy the chemical.

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