rust in fi glass pool

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rust in fi glass pool

Postby gmw1963 » Sun 05 Nov, 2006 02:21

We just had a new patio built, metal filings from the work ended up in our salt pool and caused some rust marks. the rusted metal it appears to have eaten in to the top layer of the fi glass coating.Will this get any worse and will this eventully cause a leak, can it be fixed without dumping all the water?.

Please help


Postby Guest » Thu 23 Nov, 2006 18:12


Rust is unsightly but I doubt it is hurting the gel coat.

To remove the rust stains try this method.

Use a piece of pipe that is long enough to reach the pool floor

Place the end of the pipe over the rust stain

Pour Muriatic acid a cup should do into the pipe and hold the pipe in location for about 10 minutes

If you do this when you need to adjust your pH down over several days the rust stain will slowly fade.


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