Pool Genie? Automatic pool cleaner recommendations?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Genie? Automatic pool cleaner recommendations?

Postby odom_don » Mon 06 Nov, 2006 00:12

1. Does Pool Genie pool treatment actually work?

2. I need recommendations for an auto pool cleaner. I prefer not to
permanently install it as I am renting. I will take it with me to my
next house which I will buy with or install a pool.Here are my pool
details: I have a 18'x36'pool with stairs(3 steps), 1 skimmer, 2
ladders, 4 return jets, vinyl liner with no drain. The depth runs from
3' to 8'. The piping is 1.5" diameter to and from Hayward rapid rate
sand/rock/gravel filter and inline chlorinator. I would like to stay
around $500 or less IF POSSIBLE. I want the very best for the money
that will clean the whole pool including sides and that will pickup
leaves. I am planning to buy a leaf net also but no winter cover. I
live in deep southeastern Alabama. I want any pointers, do's and
don'ts, pro and cons, personal stories, reasons for your choice, etc.
about the unit you recommend. I work 10-13 hours per day at night and
my online time is very limited. If you have questions I need to answer
to clarify your response I will answer them but it may take a couple
of days for me to get back to you. Thank you

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