stains on the pool liner

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stains on the pool liner

Postby guest » Sun 21 Aug, 2005 14:20

Hi, we have had an abouve ground pool for about 4 years now and after the first winter I noticed a few stains on the pool floor, and each year it has become progressivly worse and now green slimey algea it growing on them. my water is perfectly clear, and I vacuum regularly. Im at wits end any Idea's what to do?

thanks, shane

Pool Liner

Algae liner stains

Postby Pool Liner » Tue 27 Dec, 2005 04:22

Stains that appear on the liner are often stains or algae growing under the liner. I have heard that it can be killed by liberally applying ferrous oxide to the soil around the pool. Rain then washes it under the liner where it can kill the algae growth.

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