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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New light in old pool

Postby jag_man653 » Thu 09 Nov, 2006 14:42

We are trying to replace the light in our late-60s era swimming pool. Our electrician told us in advance that new 8" lights were no longer available so he was going to have to use an adapter. That was the plan, but now when he is trying to install it things don't match up the way he assumed they would.

Here is a photo of the new light and adapter:

www at efsowell dot us/pool/NineInchAdaptor.JPG

and the niche in the wall of the pool:
www at efsowell dot us/pool/niche.JPG

The electrician thinks the ears on the back of the adapter are supposed to slip INSIDE the niche, but they won't. That is, the inside diameter of the niche is smaller than the diameter formed by the mounting ears on the adapter. I told him it looked like the ears were supposed to fit on the OUTSIDE of the niche. That would require chiseling out notches in the concrete that the adapter ears would slip into, and drilling through the niche wall from the inside to screw into the threaded holes in the adapter.

I know for sure his method won't work, but I'm not sure mine will either.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Or, does anyone know where to get the old 8" lights?




Postby Guest » Tue 03 Jul, 2007 18:19

The ears fit on the inside of the niche, and the adapter is made for a 8.5 inch niche to fit a 9 inch light fixture.

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